We make it very easy to access scientific software using web APIs

scientific models on demand

Modern society relies on validated scientific models to calculate important physical quantities.

Integrating them into modern software, such as web and mobile apps, is difficult.

We provide web Application Programming Interfaces that reduce integration times from days to minutes.


Calculate density, temperature and composition of the atmosphere from ground through exosphere, by accessing the NRLMSISE-00 and JB2008 models through a web API.

Estimate orbital decay of satellites and debris, correct earth observation data, or as a source term in atmospheric radiation propagation modelling.

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cosmic rays

The Earth is bombarded by high energy cosmic rays of intergalactic origin. Estimate intensities and radiation protection quantities in the atmosphere using the validated PARMA and CARI7 models.

Predict radiation exposures of pilots, aircrew, and frequent flyers during air travel.

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Navigation, GPS, antennae design, mineral exploration, and consumer electronics all require the transformation between the direction of true north and that of magnetic north at the current position.

Calculate magnetic declination and inclination anywhere on or near Earth's surface using the World Magnetic Model.

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Our APIs are free and limits apply to ensure performance and stability. See below for enterprise level support. We welcome your feedback and you can fill out our 2 minute survey here.

about us

why the name 'amentum'?

The amentum was a leather strap used by ancient greeks to extend the range and stability of the javelin in flight.

Similarly, Amentum exists to extend the capabilties of its clients through technological innovation.


Department of Defence (Australia)


Amentum is a proud foundation member of the nandin Deep Technology Incubator at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation,

a member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society and the Space Industry Association of Australia,

supports veterans and their families with SoldierOn,

and is a member of early-stage corporate philanthropy organisation Pledge 1%.